Bettina’s Story: Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma

“I was alive and breathing, but I was a shell. I woke up just to go to classes, keep up appearances in church, and that was it. No joy, no purpose, no passion, no zest for the life God gave me.” Depression is a common mental health condition that is medically defined as “a constantContinue reading “Bettina’s Story: Overcoming Depression, Anxiety, and Trauma”

WHY GOD? Facing the Painful Question in Life’s Desperate Moments

Where is God in this time of increasing hate crimes, corruption, violence, injustice, pandemic surges, poverty, global economic, and health crisis? Why God? It is a painful question of someone grieving over the loss of a job or the death of a loved one, pulled down into a place of unfathomable feelings of void andContinue reading “WHY GOD? Facing the Painful Question in Life’s Desperate Moments”